Hellenic Diaspora and Benefaction I (Fall Semester)

 The 19th and early 20th century is the “age of empire”, the global expansion of the colonial system is consolidated and centered on the western metropolis. Dynamics and contradictions of forms lead to the crisis and dissolution of the system during the “short twentieth century” 1914-1991.The function of Hellenic Diaspora in this historical period has been substantial, both for local realities and for the establishment of the Greek State.The fall semester course focuses on the establishment of the Greeks in Egypt and in the process of creation and development of the local Greek community. Therefore, apart from the issues related to the historical and economic dimension of migration, issues regarding the location and functional role of the Greeks and the relationships developed with western settlers in multicultural Egypt at the time are also dealt with. Particular emphasis is given to the triptych “community – homeland – National Center” and the function of Greek benefactors and benefaction ideology.