Graduate Course: Historical Demography

The course of “Historical Demography” is taught in the Graduate Program of Panteion University in Athens and Ionian University in Corfu.

Various aspects of the population, as well as the historical approach of its variants on different levels of analysis (natural environment, economic activity, social structures, ideological and political systems, attitudes, etc) are studied under the course.

Its main subjects are: Basic concepts and methods of Historical Demography. Demographic events and phenomena. Models of population historical evolution. Theory of demographic transition to new forms.

The study of families represents a fruitful field where the logic of a population’s history and its various determinant factors is specifically expressed, illustrating essential mechanisms of history, attitudes in particular. Following the microhistory of family, one can form a sound perception of essential mechanisms of macrohistory. Teaching is based on our research in Historical Demography of the Hellenic area, Greek as well as that of Diaspora, as well as on the implementation of concepts and methods of Historical Demography, with dominant examples that of the population of Lefkada (17th -20th century) and Egyptiot Helenism (19th – 20th century). We focus on critical moments such as the Occupation – resistance – civil war, Hellenic diaspora, attitudinal modernization, etc.