Benefaction and Personality – Greek Benefactors from Cairo.

The subject of this book (Volumes I – II) is the analysis of the ideology of the benefaction as well as the national and social consciousness which have been cultivated within the Greek Diaspora of Egypt. The wills of prominent actors of the Greek Community of Cairo (Ampet Brothers, Ev. Achillopoulos, Dim. Spetseropoulos, Kon. Xenakis, T. Kotsikas, St. Manoussakis, N. Tsanaklis) highlight their action characteristics, while the phenomenon of the benefaction is defined through the era specifics (19th – 20th century) and the process of transition to modernity.

Publisher: Papazisis                                                                                               Language: Greek                                                                                                                Pages:279                                                                                                                           ISBN/ISSN: 978-960-02-1568-7