The Society for the Study of Hellenic Diaspora organized an international  conference, on June 6, 2008 in Athens, on “The Flight of Egyptiot Greeks” and attracted historians and researchers from universities of the UK, the USA, Egypt and Greece.  The Conference was kindly supported by J. F. Kostopoulou Foundation. The focus of the conference, the exodus of the Greeks from Egypt in the 1950s and early 1960s inaugurated a new chapter in the study of the Greek diaspora and it also gave many Greeks from Egypt – known as Egyptiot – Greeks or more commonly as Egyptiotes—who are now settled in Athens an opportunity to learn and reflect on the final phase of the more than century-long significant and demographically extensive Greek presence in Egypt. It was also an occasion that enabled all participants to recall what is generally considered a long-standing amicable relationship between Egypt and Greece and one which withstood the strains of the Greek exodus.

We hope that the proceedings of the conference, here, will serve as a means of continuing the dialogue