The Society for the Study of Hellenic Diaspora (SSHD) wants to thank for their support:

Pope and Patriarch Alexandria and all Africa, His Beatitude Theodoros II

The Archbishop of Sinai, Faran and Raitho Mr. Damianos

Ioannis and Maria Choremis (descendants of the Choremis family)

Argini Papadopoulos and   Irene Choriatopoulos (descendants of the Salvagos family)

Alexander   and   Antonis   Samaras, Emilia Geroulanos and Alexander Zannas  (descendants of the  Benakis family)

George     Kotsikas, Maria   Kotsikas,   Irene   Mantzounis,   Alexandra Tompazis  (descendants of the Kotsikas family)

Maria Karageorgiou – Kassabetis,  Charikleia  Karageorgiou,  Alexander  Karageorgiou, George Antonoglou  (descendants of the Kassabetis  family,   founders of London Greek Community)

George Kartalis, Daphne and  Nikitas Papantoniou (descendants of the Kartalis family)

Eleftheria   Karavas-Kazoullis  (descendant of the Kazoulis family)

Aigli   Dimoglou, Olga Mavromatis and Yannis  Koutis  from the Municipal Centre of History and  Documentation  of Volos.

Helen   Protopapas,   President of the Foundation of Lyceum Club of Greek Women

The ambassadors Sirs.  Alexios -Ioannis Zepos and Panagiotis  Vlassopoulos

Mrs Konstantina  Athanasiadis.

The President of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad Mr. Stefanos Tamvakis

The President of   Association Of Greeks From Egypt, in Athens Krystallo Trimis, the G.C. Konstantinos Valvis, Michalis Kovaios “Eforos”  of Cultural Events

Philippos Kossenas (f. President of Association Of Greeks From Egypt, in Athens).

The Presidents    and the eminent   members of Greek Communities of Alexandria and Cairo Sirs  Chris Kavalis, Nikolas Vadis,   Panagiotis Kafatsakis, Charalampos Katsimpris, Mary Kavouras , Epameinondas and Sotiris Sotiriou.

Mr Panagios Karmatzos and Mrs Katerina Trimis.

President   V. Vafeiadis   and all members  of Alexandria Greek Chamber of Commerce

His Eminence Metropolitan of Zimbabwe and Angola Mr. Seraphim and the priest of Pantanassa  in  Johannesburg  f. Minas.

The former Presidents  of Greek Community Harare, Antonis Antoniadis  and Yannis Stougiannidis, for their constant support in the research of history of Hellenic Diaspora  in the area  of central and South Africa.

The researcher and collector Yannis Zillis

The professor Evi Tastsoglou and Mr. Manos Charitatos

The Rectors   of   Panteion  University  and  specifically  Vice Rectors, Onoufrios Farmakidis and Antonis Moysidis.

The editors Alexandra Vovolinis (KERKYRA publications), Alexandros Papazisis (PAPAZISIS publications),  Leandros  Papathanasiou  (Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora)

The  Karelia  Foundation

The I. F. Kostopoulos foundation

Koromvokis  Panagiotis,  Rakinas  Achilleas  and  Nikos  Sideris